Agent Success

We believe every agent needs a coach, because the right ones make sure you get where you want to go – and faster. Because of this belief, we use proven coaching models to help clients achieve results far greater than those not in the program, while also maintaining a balanced and happy life. We can support you in reaching your own goals.

Who Should Join?

Any real estate broker who wants to take their business to the next level will benefit from productivity coaching. New brokers can launch their business and get into production and start making money faster using the coaching resources. Experienced brokers can utilize the coaching resources to catapult their business to the next level.


What You Get In the Coaching Program

Results - Increased Production
Scripts and Dialogues that Get Results
Business Planning
Best Practices for Handling Objections
Group Coaching Sessions / Training
Time Management and Time Blocking
1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
Organizational Techniques
Effective Lead Generation Strategies
Support For Using KW Business Models
Support Working With Clients and Transactions
Best Practices for Maximizing Profitability
Powerful Negotiation Strategies
Strategies for Creating Work/Life Balances
Shifting Your Mindset
Set Goals and Create Action Plans to Achieve Those Goals

Our Coaches

David Monroe

David Monroe

Productivity Coach

Alison Lundy-Risch

Alison Lundy-Risch

Productivity Coach

Jeannette Harpole

Jeannette Harpole

Productivity Coach

Dave Piedrahita

Dave Piedrahita

Productivity Coach

Mandy Murdock

Mandy Murdock

Productivity Coach

Ezzie Anderson

Ezzie Anderson

Productivity Coach

What our clients say

David is Awesome !!! I can't say enough good things about David. And everyone I talked that has been coached through David is said the same thing. I am a difficult person to coach and he has turned my life and business around single Handed. He's been the reasons for my turn around in my life.

Haruichi B Real Estate Broker and Investor

I love that even though there is a set way to do coaching, that no one has forced me to do it the “coaching” way. They’ve met me where I am and allowed me to soar!

Rachel O Real Estate Broker

I’m new to real estate and Alison Lundy has walked me through closing 2 deals in my first 6 months. She’s responsive, helpful and personable. I’m very grateful to have found not just a great coach but a supportive partner in business.

April W Real Estate Broker

David has been an incredible asset to my brokerage business! He's super fast in his responses, crystal clear with his suggestions/comments/feedback on offers recieved and sent. He is also super motivating in our coaching calls and his knowledge with regard to market stats and contract forms is superior. Thank you!!

Leka D Real Estate Broker and Investor

David is amazing. He always has an answer for me and the level of support is always above and beyond my expectations. Anyone who gets David as their coach should consider themselves lucky.

Teresa M Real Estate Broker

As a newer agent the knowledge that David provides gives me the opportunity to provide my clients with years of expertise and to be able to compete against agents that have been in the industry for decades. Not only does David's backing give me confidence but it also gives my clients confidence knowing that if I don't have an answer to their question, I will be reaching out to a real estate expert for the answer.

Ali F Real Estate Broker

As a newer, independent agent, Productivity Coaching is indispensable in learning best practices for a complex profession. Alison guides me through the processes with tireless care, knowledge and professionalism. Thank you!

Johanna Z Real Estate Broker

I credit a large portion of my success the last two years to the productivity coaching program and Jeannette. It is perfect for me, my style of learning, and my needs

Daylene W Real Estate Broker - KW Regional Rookie of the Year

Jeannette has been amazing and has helped guide me to make the right decisions with my clients. She always answers my phone calls and e-mails no matter the time of day or night she is simply amazing and has helped me tremendously! She is truly one of a kind! God Bless her.

Drew A Real Estate Broker

Jeannette has been our life-saving fairy godmother. As new agents, we can’t tell you how important it’s been to have a trusted coach like Jeannette to guide us every step of the way. We 5x’d our business in the 2nd year and plan to double that in our 3rd year.

Lindsey & Michael P Real Estate Brokers

If it weren't for my coach, Jeannette, I wouldn't be in the real estate game. She saw potential in me long before I did. Jeannette is genuinely invested in your success and always looks out for your best interests. Whether it's making time for you or mastering negotiations, she's the queen! One of my proudest moments was clinching a deal with over 21 competing offers, and we weren't even the highest bidder! Jeannette's wisdom has been a game-changer for my success.

Carolina H Real Estate Broker

Entering my first year as an agent, the productivity coaching program has been pivotal in propelling my progress. Dave’s wealth of expertise and professionalism has been invaluable. His responsiveness, unwavering support, and the personal partnership he offers have been deeply appreciated and have immensely contributed to my growth.

Lora T Real Estate Broker

The coaching program is amazing, you have around the clock support and it definitely makes being new to the industry a lot less daunting!

Hayden C Real Estate Broker

Enrolling in Dave Piedrahita's coaching program has been a transformative experience for me. His insightful guidance and personalized approach have not only honed my skills but also empowered me to navigate challenges with newfound confidence. The user-friendly interface of the coaching website seamlessly enhances the learning journey, making it a valuable resource for anyone committed to personal and professional growth.

Ermias T Real Estate Broker

Newer brokers if have not done coaching with David then you are missing big in life. David you are a rockstar in every sense I can think of.

Payel G Real Estate Broker

In my 5 years in Real Estate, I have never experienced a more reliable, professional and dedicated leader at KW. The amount of care, attention and extensive knowledge Jeannette provides is invaluable. I have been taught so much under her leadership and trust she has my (and my clients) best interest at heart.

Tisha F Real Estate Broker

Coaching has been a great start to my real estate career and has given me the confidence and motivation I need.

Raelyn M Real Estate Broker

My coach is always very helpful and responsive to any questions that I have. I love that she makes me think about things first rather than just give me the answer makes me feel like I know I have the answers in me I just need to have the confidence

Victor H Real Estate Broker